There might only be one factory in Egypt that grows Palm trees right on the factory floor. Here at Alamein we have respect for what was and for what will be. We respect our environment and draw inspiration from it.

The factory is located  8 Km Sakkara Rd., Shabramant, Cairo, Egypt

The roofed working areas measures 2500 m2, the outdoor working areas 2500 m2.

To date Alamein employs 188 people.

Alamein stands for quality

Throughout over twenty years of experience in wood working we have gained a considerable amount of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Whenever we find even the smallest weakness in our products we go to great length to improve it.

We love practical furniture. If it does not stack, fold or extend it is not a true Alamein product. This functionality requires a lot of precision.

Outdoor furniture suffers from light, wind and weather. We have developed varnishes and oil wax mixtures to produce furniture that lasts a long time in difficult conditions.

We believe that quality is essential in maintaining our reputation. Yes, we could produce our furniture cheaper, but not better ! The love for detail has allowed Alamein to venture into diversified fields such as building billiards, playgrounds and sailing boats. This would not have been possible without the dedicated team of workers and engineers in our factory. Their loyalty is one of the reasons for our wealth of experience that goes into our products.

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The Alamein Factory in Shabramant

Showroom and Salesoffice in Zamalek

Our main showroom Caravanserai is situated in the heart of Zamalek. It has often been recommended as one of the leading interior design shops in Cairo. It is a source of inspiration. please come and visit !

For price and product inquiries please contact our sales offfice tel: +20 2 273.638.35

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